Boss Media Software

Everything must have a beginning

Boss Media Corporation is one of the most reputable and popular software operator for online casino. It is also one of the oldest gambling software companies online. Boss Media came into the scene in 1996 with the primordial corporate aim to operate Gold Club Casino. Since that time the company underwent a lot of changes. In 1997 it launched the above-mentioned casino after what received a lot of request from investors with proposes to sponsor a Boss Media Software`s development. Boss Media has the experience of running a casino themselves and although this is something they gave up working with they gained a lot of wisdom from it. So their goal transferred into creation of good solutions for online casino.

Boss Media features

Now Boss Media have over ten years in the business and they for sure have learned a lot by their own trials. First of all they consider clients to be the most important part of their existence and set them above everything else. Hence it appears the obvious range of relationships like this: Boss Media maintain a good relationship with its clients and online casino in their turn value their players. Boss Media are very careful in picking their casino owners. They want to be sure a casino treats its customers only in a better way it possible.

Boss games

Boss Media casino offers a great number of games with high definition sound and graphics. Of cause, there are basic casino games, like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, keno, sic bo and craps, but they also offer a few unique games, like Killer Whale and Money Wheel, and a wide array of advanced video slots and poker games.

It is possible to play Boss media games on PC connected to Internet, through mobile phone, via handheld computers using in addition to the new IVT systems (Interactive Video Terminal systems), or interactive digitate TV.

New product

Not long time ago Boss Media enlarged the software horizons of their occupation by the officially forming GTECH G2 division`s part. The "one brand" outlook made this new division inflaming, due to creators` own words, the merger has unified the GTECH and Boss experience to start a respectable mutual business. GTECH are famous for the lottery games which are delivered by them to many gambling sites. Hereby, security encryptions, software platforms and even RNG software have all become enhanced under the innovative G2 brand. St Minver, Finsoft and Dynamite Idea are also affiliate with new group.


Boss Media products are always secured. The company employs a whole team that deals with Fraud & Security to take care of everyday operations and to acertain that both the reputable casinos and individual gamer are protected and well. This is how Boss handles the security, and the security team uses the detection & prevention of payment fraud , and even a monitoring of chat just to be sure that players are respectable and respected. As you can see from all advantages of BM, listed above, Boss Media has managed to remain an industry leader and to stand out as reputable and unique company.