Casino FAQ: the Most Interesting Questions for Players

Something to start with

How difficult is the process of downloading casino software?

It may seemed to be time-consumimg and complicated to install casino soft, but indeed it`s a very simple process which will take less than a few minutes to accomplish. One thing you may be hesitate over is a place on a hard drive, where you want it to be saved.

Is it possible to play online-casino games on Macintosh computers?

Sure. You can play casino games in online mode within the Internet browser without any downloading and installation

How can I deposit money into the casino account?

Commonly online casinos offer a huge variety of convenient payments methods, such as credit cards, NETeller, Firefly, Click2Play, etc. They also provide users with several online payments methods.

What about the age requirements for playing online casino games?

Free casino games don`t have the age limit. As for other games, it depends on a casino operator: actually most of them set an age limit as 18, but those which accept only 21 and older players are also exist.

A download online casino differs from the instant play casino?

At instant play casino you may start gambling right after registration of your account while download casino requires the downloading and installation of casino software. Download and No download Casino Soft both have advantages and downsides.

Online Casino Security

Is transaction history of casino available for players?

Yes. The online casinos almost always make able the complete version of transactions to be viewed by player. In a case of disagreement between a casino and a client it helps to figure out what party is right.

What is the guarantee of the statement that online game's outcome is really random?

Yes. It is random. You can be sure about this because of RNG (Random number generator, that ensures all of games are generated by a chance of the specific event), which is used by every law-abiding casino. Online casinos actually don't need to influence on a game, as they initially has superiority.

How does a casino protects the private information of mine?

The greatest form of contemporary encryption is the frequently used 128-bit SSL. Practically every online casino and different financial institutions use it to protect the system. So with such protection you can be sure that your personal information is safe.

It's good to know before you stake-on:

Do the casino`s functions include the one, that allows chatting online during a game?

Yes. A lot of casinos offer a multi-players games where it is possible to chat with each other. This feature really attracts clients.

What is called a multi-player game?

A multi-player game is a game, which has more than 1 participant. Some online casinos even have an option of 'private table' which implies you to invite other players by your own choice to play together.

How to identify if a casino game has the progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases from bet to bet placed. Generally this kind of jackpot is formed by taking a small percentage of each gamer's bets and adding this to an increasing money pot. From time to time progressive jackpots grow in a vast sum of money.

How can I figure out the average payout of casino?

Most of casinos will give you an information about their average payouts in percentage and they likelihood give something about 97%. The payout of such percentage translates to an average bound of 3% on every bet meeting with approval of the house. You should also remember this number comes from all casino games combined together, so the average payout depends on game too.