Craps: The Lay of the Lands

Craps is a dice game played in the biggest table in the offline or online casino with operators including Unibet. At first glance the different types of bets can send a shiver up your spine, but closer examination of the table will show you that the betting areas are duplicated at either end of the table. That being said Craps is still a game with more betting options than most.

It’s also a very popular game and with the biggest table in the casino comes the biggest crowds. This means you will often have three casino employees managing the direct action with one on the floor.

Stick Person

This is the person who controls the flow of the dice. He is known as the ‘stick person’ because he will be armed with a long stick, which he uses to collect the dice from the table. His role is to control the pace of the game and calculate the long shot odds in the middle of the table.

Base Dealer

These are the busy little bees that you see on the inside of the game. They are responsible for all of the action including supplying change, calculating all of the common bets, and interacting the most with the players.

Box Person

This person will be situated in the centre of the table and is responsible for ensuring that everyone is following the rules and having a great time. In effect, the box person is supervising both the stick person and base dealer as well as supplying a third set of eyes on the players.

Floor Person

This role will often be multi-faceted, meaning he will be watching more than one game at once. His primary focus will be on the box person. He is also the man who is called to the table should a dispute break out between players and any member of the casino team working on the game.