Cryptologic Casinos Games Review

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Cryptologic casino are amongst the best known in the business, and are a proven, reliable product. A lot of Cryptologic casino games are brought under different UK betting institutions` banners, some of which are the participants of publicity trades via London Stock Exchange.

In 1998 Cryptologic was the first company in the industry that offers multi player games. The existing quantity of company`s games reached more than 200 including plenty variety of table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat; video poker and slots.

Game`s options and quality

Cryptologic software offers a download casino and a browser casino. Speaking of the download version, the graphics, speed and sound effects are better than those of the browser version, but lists of available games of both are absolutely equal. Cryptologic casino creates the realistic atmosphere via an excellent 3 Dimensioned lobby and good sound effects accompanied by voice commentation. almost every aspect of the Cryptologic casino can be regulated by a player: a client can change the croupiers' voices, choose the color of casino carpets he preferred, and regulate the graphics of slots.

Cryptologic Slots

Slot machines are the most attractive at Cryptologic casinos. There are 75 online slots, ten of which deal with progressive jackpots; we can`t but mention that the highest jackpot is over $1,000,000. Cryptologic has slots games based on brands from other entertainment platforms.

The most famous for sure are exclusive and innovative Marvel Slots. Cryptologic tied up with Marvel Comics to produce slots based on their super heroes. Every player can find his favorite character there to play: Thor and X-Men, Blade, the Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk, Elektra, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, etc. The latest heroes like The Fantastic Four and Spiderman (with high-powered action and thrilling jackpots) brought the number of Marvel slots games up to twelve.

Customer support

Crytologic provides an excellent customer support. First of all they offer 24 hour a day online customer support services to make gamers` experience easier. The second thing what Cryptologic does - makes sure players all over the world (except US) have no difficulties with understanding their software. Every client can easily choose an appropriate language. And, of cause, providing multiply currency is one more necessary point for Cryptologic.