Grand Virtual Software Operator

Grand Virtual platform absorbed perhaps all the best possible qualities of gaming software operator. Grand Virtual casino goes with high-quality entertaining games as well as with a strong security system, extensible e-Wallets and multilingual operations.

Grand virtual software contains several main products:

Universal Gaming Platform

It comprises the gambling back-end infrastructure. Based on Unix Universal Gaming Platform allows for the subprogram of gaming servers, the value manager, a game points manager, a central database, and an e-Commerce engine. There is also an solid toolset to handle any type of fraud, data arrangement, partner programs and player support. Due to its flexibility and elasticity it can handle any type of online gaming.

Casino Client Software

A game module which operates on different types of MW (Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows ME, and Microsoft Windows XP version, Casino Client Software is all about customer. Wide choice of games with attendant entertaining features, high quality sound effects and 3D graphics, convenient payment methods and impressive usability attract more and more clients.

Multi-Player Poker Software

Grand Virtual cleverly used the incredible popularity of poker which is the most asked-for online casino games. The operator provides extraordinary Multi-Player Poker Software. It may be characterized by 3 Dimensioned poker tables with variable avatars for players to select, a training room, the interactive tutorial for poker, the "find-a-seat" wizard & numeral promotional features. It also contains the multi-lingual comprehensive, embedded e-Commerce system that facilitates transactions. Player`s loyalty and retention assessments are built by embedded Refer-A-Friend and Pay-For-Play programs.

ARM Software (Affiliate Relationship Management)

Grand Virtual created an interesting interactive multilingual portal for affiliate marketing outlet. The software supply modular tools for backing of affiliate customization, data aggregation and system-wide reporting.

The internal structure of Grand Virtual products make possible to add new modules catering to the new apps to the existing platform easily. Likewise the possibility to take on the fast growing volumes of online players has been built in.