Microgaming Software Operator

A King

Without a doubt, you can call Microgaming - the old, but still powerful and progressive «king» among all of the online casino software providers. Microgaming is a privately owned company; the Isle of Man is the place where their headquarter is located. Since their first software for online casino that was released in 1994, it considered to be the oldest supplier for online casino systems. And now it puts forward smart assorted gaming tools for managing every operator and account history for gamers. Just like this they cover both ends of gambling experience.

Microgaming deals with huge quantity of the world's internet gambling sources and salient poker sites. Due to progressive jackpots the company has paid out approximately $200.000.000 since its inception. The poker network of Microgaming has more than 40 poker rooms and probably the most dynamic tournaments on the world wide web.

Among all Microgaming casino games Poker Network is the most known, and available online for players all over the world, so they have a possibility to play opposed to each other through a great quantity of card rooms. Over 120 online casinos are using Microgaming software. Within more than 450 games available, Microgaming offers players innumerable variations of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, sic bo, craps, red dog, stud and video poker. There is also the largest collection of slots in the industry that contains progressive slot machines as well.

Microgaming software - Viper

The first few years of Microgaming existence they implemented a lot of variations of their software, just for microgaming casinos. In 2002 they took the lead in their industry when released Microgaming Viper, which have brought to the gambling world of online casinos and new look and taste with its new features and bonuses. Viper is probably the most efficient solution ever offered by Microgaming.

This well-known Microgaming software, called Viper, is a downloadable online casino of the first-class quality. Viper developed by Microgaming contributes the casino lobbies providing perfect sharp animatied interfaces, simple convenient casino navigation, games with better speed playing in expert mode, and regular updates by way of MUP (Microgaming Upgrade Protocol). A big amount of features, like game statistic and strategies, can now be accessed by players directly from the software suite. The same thing concerns audio, a controlled playing (elements of speed), and also betting pre-sets that gives more appreciable benefits to Viper.

One of the most common problems nowadays is security. No worries about it when Microgaming gets down to business. Due to Microgaming's PlayCheck and CashCheck systems, the users of Microgaming software are secured by password that protects a player from illegal access to his history or financial operations.