Rival Gaming Casinos Overview

As it was already mentioned Rival has a wide spectrum of casino games. It embraces different kinds of table-games, such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, poker, video poker and of course the strong point of Rival - slot machines. Apart from the standard 3 reel slots like Surf Paradise and Goldrush and 5 reel slots such as Metal Detector and Atomic Age Rival`s casinos have a unique product, which attracts more and more clients - I-slots machines.

I-Slots` splash

Rival cannot be named as the biggest company in a field of gambling software services, but still it is for sure one of the most prospective software operators. First it spent enough time living in the shade of market, mixed with others beginners. Not really long time ago, in 2006, Rival gaming casinos made a huge breakthrough. Viable newcomer of online casino gambling software industry found the way out in being more creative and inspired. Their I-Slot machines made a real splash among existing systems.

I-slots features

This invention made other software companies jealous. Rival caught the idea just in time. And speaking of the idea - it was about giving to each player his own style of a game, which may match him most of all. Well, it was very appreciated by thankful gamers.

First of all Rival`s slots differ from others by their appeal and special design. Their main feature is to present a kind of little story to every player. A game itself is modified by player during the process. In addition with every level ending a player may get a portion of entertaining program of different video, clips etc. Here we go - a kind of mix made by a movie, video game and game!

Current I-slot themes in Rival Gaming

include As the Reels Turn, Reel Crime and Reel Crime 2. All of them are completely unique and original, each featuring the best sounds, symbols, and bonus rounds.

Nothing more to say - a piece of entertainment turn Rival`s machines into the most recognizable and popular among gamers.

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