Vegas Technology Software Operator

What is it?

Vegas Technology is known as the most reliable never-failing company which used to provide different gambling companies with an accordant software. It was founded in 1998 when e-commerce just begun to spread and develop. Initially Vegas Technology (formely Odds On) offered a secure process of transferring money and taking payments over the Internet.

Actually Vegas Technology may be called a savior of American gambling players: since hard times of UIGEA effectiveness till now the company acts very broad-mindedly towards the majority kinds of payments. Those incredible durability in former times was one of the milestones established for the present prosperity.

With the lapse of time Odds On little by little changed their occupation and the name in consequence. Odds On changed into Vegas Technology and different money transactions gave place to Vegas technology software.

Coming back to Vegas Technology`s current activity should be mentioned the important merger with English Harbour Gaming Ventures in 2003. A trust of the most respected online casinos in its turn guaranteed a trust of other casinos and players. Year by year Vegas Technology proves its professionalism. And also cares about consumer`s confidence: every month all casino's programs are carefully tested to make sure there is no cheating, the results of such control may be seen by all players on company`s website.

Successful pioneers

The Vegas Technology reached the absolute high-level popularity when it got the "Top Casino Software" award in 2005 - one of the most prestigious prize for status upgrading. Must be said that the last is entirely justified by excellent software platform, huge variety of casino games and fast downloads which the company performs. Besides Vegas Technology was standing at the beginning of tournaments online games. The same as other operators do it funds this kind of game. Sometimes a deposit in $10 for the participation in tournament may leads to winning of $5,000.00 per tournament. Some amounts of tournament game are "Guaranteed", i.e. are paid out of their own pocket to players in any case.

Partnership = Leadership

Nowadays Vegas technology serves the most impressive part of well-known gambling companies. This fact can be nothing but forcible argument to entrust these professionals with your business. Two more popular gambling sites recently have been typed in Vegas technology`s customer database - Caribbean Gold and SuperSlots. Vegas technology helps all of them to reach a higher position in their field and gain success.