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If you don't want to play casino games for real money but love playing just for fun, then we have some information for you. Our website has thousands of free slot games that are fun to play at. You can even take advantage of the free table games that we offer for free similar to Roulette. All the games are free and you can reap the benefits of the demo versions of the games. You don't have to go through the hassle of signing up or registering to our website. If you want to enjoy for real money, you can choose the game, amount of bet and then pick the number on the roulette wheel. Finally hit the spin button and the wheel will turn and stop. If it stops on the number that you chose, you win!

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Historically, the game roulette77 is played for the first time in the 18th century. It was back then, introduced to the word by Blaise Pascal. Since then roulette game has undergone tremendous changes. The Roulette version that you see today is the one that was played for the first time ever in Paris by the French Royal family. The myth says that the game is owned and played by the Satan. The mythology story says that a man named Francois Blanc made a deal with the devil about the game and since then he keeps winning it. There are many legendary stories that surround the Roulette game but we are concerned only with winning it. There are varieties of a roulette game in the world. One with the wheel having 38 pocket which is the American version of the game and the other one is the European version of the game with 37 pockets. One additional pocket in the American version is numbered 00. So what are you waiting for? Select a website suitable for you and then get the wheels spinning, Play roulette online!