Proprietary Casino Software

Each online gaming site chooses its own developing strategy: one is looking for supporting partnership of software operator while the other believes in success without any help and tries to organize all stuff by its own. Those which provide a business with the unique inhouse technical platform are known as proprietary software operators. However, a providing of proprietary software has its advantages and disadvantages as well.


  • Unique and extraordinary features

Every baker wants his bunts and rolls to be distinguished from many others. He decorates them with beautiful ornaments and pours special flavor additives. Proprietary software operators act in exactly the same way. By creating a special atmosphere and interesting technical features they attract more clients. And players are always pleased to come back again and feel the belonging to something rare and peculiar.

  • Flexible structure

Proprietary software operators usually have packaged, comprehensive, modular formats, that can be regularly and easily updated. Without any doubt it is much harder to make modifications with another`s stable system, which was passed to you only for temporary use, than coordinate it according to your own rules.

  • Training is available

On the one hand it is better to separate the software and the casino operators, so everyone can focus on what they're good at. But on the other - we have good examples of proprietary sites which have succeeded. One of them is the biggest online casino on the Internet - 888 casino. It runs with proprietary software and has one of the highest player volume. Nevertheless, frequently proprietary casinos make their own software because they can't afford a high-end software company.


  • Costly
  • low player volume

For all sites is very important to have to supply their clients with ready competition all the time. Small sites, as they are not part of a larger network of sites, may have trouble with the unceasing process.

  • bad security and unreliability

After the Absolute Poker's incident online gaming companies stand to loose much more than they stand to gain by misuse of the software. In point of fact security is a real problem for Proprietary Software. It seems to be easy for hackers to crack the system. So players cannot be sure in a fair game.